Tubridy To Host Late Late Show

RTE favourite Ryan Tubridy has been picked to host the Late Late Show by RTE bosses in a move dubbed “wise” by former host Pat Kenny.

“I was only ever really a guardian of the ring until the youngling known to be the Chosen One was anointed to step forth” Pat told captured reporters, concluding “I will return now to my people of the wood”.

First host of the Late Late Grey Byrne was believed to be delighted. “Yes indeed folks that was misterrr Dizzy Gillespe there” he said.

Picked for his hoped for longevity, cheeky 11 year old Ryan Tubridy has signed a 200 year contract on the show, more than double the amount of years that national favourite “Uncle Garbo” ruled the roost – although it still falls several years short of the amount of time it felt like Pat Kenny had it.

RTE's Accounts Department takes delivery of the cheque book and pen for Ryan Tubridy's Late Late Show deal

RTE’s Accounts Department takes delivery of the chequebook and pen for Tubridy’s Late Late fees

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