Party Political Broadcat On Behalf Of The Green Part

Here’s the second in this week’s Green Party Mini-Series in the Media Clips Section.

Running for the Green Party for election as an MEP in the Dublin constituency, Deirdre de Burca launched a campaign poster on Monday March 23rd 2009 promising that “Thouands” of tech jobs would be created in the Dublin area.

Undaunted by the error, the brunette Green Amazon went on to fail in her attempt to be elected, thereby consigning thouands of Dublers to the Mole Queue. It could happen to anyone, but happily it happened to them. The story was heard by an Emergencer on the Tuesday while leaving his kids to school, was written on the Dart on the way to the studio and was recorded by 11:30am that day. It’s full of errors. But they are deliberate and in any case no claim to suitability to run a continent is being made by the protagonists.

The sketch was broadcast first in Episode 3 of Series 1 of The Emergency on March 28th.

Cast: Karen Ardiff (Deirdre), Dermot Carmody (John Gormless)


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3 Responses to “Party Political Broadcat On Behalf Of The Green Part”

  1. David jones Says:

    deep deep joy in the early mordy from the heavenly bode……

  2. Rob Says:

    Ba ba ba! Very sunny, fell about the fish gurning.

  3. Mickelodian Says:

    Verdi fanny, I crooked up… keep up the cat walk

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