Witholding Of Zoe Business Plan “Not Malevolent Enough” Says Judge

Justice John Cookthebooksabitbetterthistime has set a date for another hearing of the petition by 7 companies in the charmingly titled Zoe group seeking the appointment of an examiner.

Justice Cookthebooksabitbetterthistime gently admonished the petitioners for witholding their business plan in the earlier application, which was refused by what used to be the highest court in the land. However he said this did not in his opinion constitute a “malevolent” attempt to mislead the court.

“I’m giving ye another shot at it, lads” intoned the judge, “but this time I want to see some real malevolence in your efforts to mislead the court. Put your backs into it. Cackle a bit at least, for the love of Christ”.

The unwillingness of banks to provide letters expressing a willingness to support the future existence of the companies in question was described as “unsurprising” in the current “circumstances”. However Justice Cookthebooksabitbetterthistime thought that it would be hugely entertaining to see the contents of the business plan not supplied last time as it “must be a cracker”.


In other court news Frederick “Slash Them Open And Rent Out The Gash As A Studio Apartment” O’Toole has been granted leave to appeal a murder verdict on the grounds that his victim was only killed “a little bit” which was “not all that bad when you consider the current economic climate and recession and stuff, in fairness, like”

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