Waste Of Money “Wasted Within Parameters”

Your tax euros, working for YOU

Consultants paid more than €32 million over the proposed development of the Poolbeg incinerator are to have their contract terminated by Dublin City Council in January but naturally will get to keep the money to use as a legal fund to pursue further payment for having their contract terminated in January.

In excess of €95 million has been spent by the council over more than 10 years on the incinerator, which remains the leading unbuilt incinerator in the world. Some €50 million went on land for the facility on the Poolbeg peninsula, but luckily almost a third of the costs over that period were paid to consultants who, god love them, need the money.

Head of waste management Peadar O’Sullivan yesterday told councillors the the waste of money had been managed “well within wastage parameters.

The move to terminate the RPS contract follows the intervention of the European Commission, which found that the contract did not conform with EU law. After only ten years. And €95million.

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