Vital New York Yeats Group Service To Be Maintained Despite Cutbacks

The Minister for Irishy Stuff and People Who Live Near A Pig, Mr. Eamon “Mini-Dev” Ó Caoineadh has announced that funding for the study overseas of “Gaelic, Erse Hunger & Applied Alcoholic Fighting” will be maintained despite cutbacks in less vital areas such as keeping pensioners’ body heat above freezing in December in Toomevara.

The announcement was publicised on Sunday but was still noticed slightly.

€770,000 euro will be spent on encouraging courses such as “Yeats, Sheep and Mysticism” at The Institute Of Bejaney Shaun That’s A Grand Bodhrán in New York.

“The advantages of teaching Irish to people outside the country are obvious, given the lack of Irish spoken here in Ireland. It’s like the whole Giant Panda thing,” quipped Mini-Dev. “These are of huge benefit to Ireland’s image overseas and fit in with the Taoiseach’s plans for growing the ‘Smart Economy’ in Ireland, explained Mini-Dev speaking from the ministerial homburg earlier today. Yeats mugs, buttons and plates are a significant net contributor to GDP (in Taiwan at any rate) and the government believes that there is vast untapped potential in spreading knowledge and awareness of irish literary greats such as Shaw, Joyce, Behan, Keyes and Ahern.”

The money will be sealed in oil cloth and sent to Boston on the next Death Ship from Cobh.

RTE News Sun 19th April “€770k for Irish language promotion abroad”

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