UK Proposal To Buy Ireland To “Use As A Bin”

A nation of fit birds dancing on the high street – is this the shape of things to come?”

The UK and Ireland are the worst places in Europe for quality of life, while France is the best – the findings of a new study which has led to a left of field proposal by senior officials in Whitehall that Her Majesty’s government should consider purchasing the Republic of Ireland and rebranding it as a “Bad England”.

While the plan to split the UK into a “Good England” and “Bad England” isn’t new it has been hampered by Britain lacking the necessary real estate. In fact the arrangement had previously been in place for some 800 years up to the early 20th century – it has yet to be formally floated between the two governments.

However, sources at the Department of Finance report uncontrollable relieved giggling from behind Brian Lenihan’s office door.

Any such proposal, if it comes to fruition, is to be named the Good Croke Friday Park Agreement so as not to overtax the acting Taoiseach first thing in the mornings at 9am

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