Ugly Scenes In Kildare Street (And This Time It ISN’T Paul Gogarty)

One of the nasty clashes which took place as placard wielding Gardai held a good old “Hippie Bashin'” In Dublin earlier today

Clashes between gardaí and protesters broke out today after hundreds of gardai held an old style protestor “baytin'” worthy of the great Lugs Brannigan in Dublin city centre against increases in protestors.

About 2,000 people gathered on Merrion Row close to the Department of Finance after the main 25,000-strong march on Leinster House.

Fists, truncheons and “de buke” were thrown at protesters. Gardaí later “Feckin bate shite outta them” according to operational sources.

Gardaí in riot gear drew their batons and mounted officers. After this early confusion, truncheons were deployed during clashes with the main body of protesters. A number of people suffered injuries during the violence.

The clashes broke out at approximately 3pm and lasted until 3.45pm when the Garda riot squad, dog unit and mounted police forced the protesters, some carrying banners for the Socialist Workers Party and others linked to freelance republican socialist thundering arsehole decorators Eirigí, on to nearby Stephen’s Green.

Some protesters suffered cuts to the head and bloody noses during the scuffles.

At least three people were arrested.

Gardai rejoiced and later feasted on Mariettas.

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