Twitter’s ‘no confidence’ in Senator Dan Boyle

Social networking phenomenon Twitter said last night it has ‘no confidence’ in Green Party chairman Dan Boyle, despite the motion of confidence in the Minister for Defense passed by the Dail yesterday evening with the support of Green Party TDs.

The social networking site used itself to convey the view and said the Cork Senator’s position “is compromised”.

Twitter said:

“As regards to Senator Boyle I don’t have confidence in him. His situation is compromised. Probably be a few chapters in this story yet LOL ROFLMAO FTW?!!.”

Twitter said it was unhappy at what transpired yesterday in the Dáil. “Not happy with what happened today. Believe Greens (sic) are arseholes. Pls RT.”

The decision to hold the motion in the Dáil yesterday afternoon came after the Fine Gael leader Enda Kenny screamed out his intention earlier this week to table a motion of no confidence in the Minister, to be taken in Opposition time next week.

Willie O’Dea explaining his honest mistake to the Dail yesterday

Opening the motion yesterday afternoon, acting Taoiseach Brian Cowen defended Mr O’Dea, saying that he “had made a genuine mistake”. The Taoiseach was critical of the Opposition’s intention to table a motion of no confidence in the Minister for Defence, who Mr Cowen descrtibed as the “…best Minister for Defence in recent times. Describing him as “the best Minister for Defence in recent times” suggests that there is no criteria other than whether or not a defense minister can be judged solely on the basis of having actively prevented any invasions lately. It also makes one wonder who was the worst Minister for Defence given our uninvaded status since 1922.

“I’ve heard people on the Opposition benches trying to propagate the myth that the Minister is in breach of the Cabinet code of conduct,” Mr Cowen blustered petulantly, “ but this is once again a case of political discourse from the Opposition benches generating more heat than light. In any case, we have no code, no honour, nada, zip, fuck all”

The Government won the motion of confidence in Minister for Defence Willie O’Dea yesterday evening by 80 votes in favour and 69 against. That’s 80 people. Surely there must be at least 800 people out there willing to attempt a citizen’s arrest on the charge of aiding and abetting a criminal after the fact?

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