TV3 Leaders Debate – Terry Prone Writes Exclusively For The Emergency

Unbiased independent commentator and journalistic paragon, 9 time winner of the Pulitzer Award and Media Trainer Extraordinaire Terry Prone exclusively looks at the state of the parties and analyses last night’s TV3 Leaders’ Debate today for The Emergency…..

Do you know what? I’m going to go out on a limb here and say (in this lil laydee’s opinion) Micheál Martin won that debate head and shoulders hands down last night and I’ll tell you why. I could also tell you a thing or two the gals in TV3 confided about how he made their hearts unexpectedly go flip (but thats for another column…)
You see, what poor old Gilmore on the looney left doesn’t see is that we Irish don’t go in for change. Its because we don’t need it you see. But alas, the like of earnest Eamon red faced in from another of his student marches just doesn’t cut the mustard with Joe and Mary public. No siree.
(As for Moany Joe the Moan Higgins and the rest, I heartily suggest they pack themselves off to Cuban cigar land where they can suffer dreadful tropical disease with no functioning health service and good enough for them!)
Whats that you say? Sinn who? They didn’t even get as far as poor Eamon with his “Gilmore for Taoiseach” thing. TV3 didn’t show them as far as the studio. Not that there wasn’t room for a horde of them thanks to the chasm of anticipation left by the real star of the no show last night plucky Enda Kenny. You know what? I’m going to go out on a limb here and say I think he should just be made Taoiseach by popular vote on Liveline and save us all the heartache (and spare us from the Independents Lord save us!) I just don’t think its worth it.
Oh sure, last week all the begrudgers and ‘Moanie Malcolms’ had plenty to say about poor Michael Martin and co. That was then. When they were down -but now, where are the yeasayers? Nowhere because that’s just not the Irish way. Fianna Fail won’t get the thanks they so richly deserve for holding steady on their course. No. That will have to wait until NAMA pays off big. For. Us. All.
But am I the only little girl left who wishes Santa would come back on the 25th of February and get Enda and Micheál together? Thats one dream team that would make things better around here. And streamline my invoicing procedures

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  1. Colm Says:

    I think Prone is a disgrace. She has been running around the media for the past few days acting as an independent voice supporting Enda Kenny’s decision not to do the debate. But when pressured about it by Pat Kenny she admitted that she is working for Fine Gale and will spin anything for whoever pays her the most. She has zero credibility left after this.

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