Thornton Hall Downgraded To ‘Large Box

The first of 3 computer generated mock ups of the three phases of the government’s revised plans for the Thornton Hall ‘Super Prison’ v.1 (fig1)

In its heyday it was the maximum security dream prison of then justice minister Michael McDo-ill – now the massively overpriced Thornton Hall project (€42.4 million and counting) beloved of the man they used to call “The Fuhrer” has been downgraded to reflect more austere times.

Thornton Hall ‘Super Prison’ v.1(fig2)

Far from being the impressive grey Lubyanka envisaged by it’s progenitor the prison will now be of more modest proportions, over three distinct phases, but will doubtless be sure to cost a heap load more money than the citizenry are being told.

Just as well that they can face a hefty spot of “time out” if they complain – the unpatriotic blackguards!

Thornton Hall ‘Super Prison’ v.1(fig3)

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