There Is No March – Cowen


'Reports that any march against the budget is taking place are ludicrous' Acting Taoiseach

The Acting Taoiseach Brian Cowen and Brian Lenihan the Minister for Hissing Incorrect Sums of Money Into Microphones have today denied that any public demonstrations against the ‘government’ are taking place.

The two safest pairs of hands in the known world angrily dismissed dissent against the forthcoming budget and four year plan as ludicrous.

Mr Cowen also denied sub zero temperatures were sweeping the Republic; “I’m in my pants here. it’s roastin'” he said, though a spokesmansergh later admitted that the heating was on high enough to make the governor of Bermuda uncomfortable. “We can do nothing about it. it’s linked to top grade civil service grades” the spokesmansergh keened.

From our reporter on the ground Ever E. Fuggenbody

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2 Responses to “There Is No March – Cowen”

  1. Paul Says:

    Heard another forum ask the question:

    Do you think public demonstrations have a political impact?

    The first reply was:
    Especially not if they turn violent, which I hope does not happen!

    My immediate thought was:

    ‘I think the problem is that people now need to go past rioting given the gardaí have seen it is ok to let dogs and horses onto the people.

    We need as a people to attack politicians, banksters, and ECB / IMF personnel on the street.

    The present government aided and abetted by their opposition have sold irish sovereignty down the road and agreed an irish taxpayer bailout for a mix of private and bank losses for the sake of german banks, the ECB and the Euro.

    We as a sovereign people are about to let our politicians agree our designation toward our future as a third world EU country.

    Time for violence and at that way past some argy bargy instigated by young tosser guards getting their rocks off with some protestors that can’t put it up to them.

    Where are the IRA of 1916?’

    and then who took the decision to set dogs and horse backed enforcers upon the irish people?

  2. Mark Megannety Says:

    Breaking news… Cowen announces that Ireland will go straight from February to April in a courageous move aimed at cutting national spending by 1/12th.

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