That Michael Lowry Statement In Full

Immediate Release: 20th September 2010


The leadership of Fianna Fail is an internal matter, to be dealt with by its own membership, but for a few quid on the qt I’ll look the other way guv.

Because of the current public debate, I want to make it clear, in the event of Fianna Fail putting forward an alternative candidate for Taoiseach, I will not vote for that nominee, unless….well, the house needs painting and herself has the eye on one of those 3D tellies for Christmas (wink wink)

It is unfair and undemocratic of the FF party to expect the Dáil to change Taoiseach three times in the lifespan of one term of Government, unless of course they can prove it to me otherwise with a diagram made of €500 notes.

There should only be a change of Taoiseach after the public have the opportunity to vote in a General Election, excepting circumstances where I can make something out of it.

Blah blah blah. My fellow monkey Jackie Really-Madd feels the same. Unnumbered offshore bank account. Shhh. Up Tipp!

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