Tainiste To Run Country During Annual Patrick’s Day Exodus

The Tainiste and Minister For Unfeminine Mucksavagery Swearymary Coughlan is to run the country in the Taoiseach’s absence during the annual emptying out of TDs to foreign climes in the name of St Patrick – this despite the belief among many Dail insiders that a good-sized toaster oven would do less damage if left in charge of the levers of power for a short time; they also point out that the toaster oven can do many useful things quickly and efficiently without exhibiting any trace of pressure triggered Tourette’s.

In a related story, it has been decided at Cabinet that the traditional presentation by the Taoiseach to the US President of a Waterford Crystal bowl filled with shamrock will differ this year.
A spokescipher at Martin Couldnot’s Department of Shameful Spending and Tourism confirmed to 2irish News that the shamrock would be presented this year in a 1 litre Tupperware basin. “Its more in keeping with the hairshirt mood of the moment” the spokescipher said, before rushing off to book a helicopter to take Minister Couldnot down to the Spar and back for the paper.

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4 Responses to “Tainiste To Run Country During Annual Patrick’s Day Exodus”

  1. Póló Says:

    Flattering picture.

  2. Póló Says:

    Was looking forward to the programme, having been an enthusiastic fan of Scrap Saturday.

    Terribly disappointed. Crap script, crap impersonations. Sorry to see Joe Taylor, of whom I am also a great fan, associated with this persentation.

  3. Póló Says:

    I should also have mentioned that I am a regular listener to Newstalk and think this station is playing a blinder with cutting edge programmes like: The Right Hook; Talking History; Tom Dunne; Orla Barry; Moncrieff; David Norris; Karen Coleman and Eamon Keane.

  4. Póló Says:

    Perhaps we could also have a satirical item on “your comment is awaiting moderation”. A sort of gentle self-depracation ?

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