Supermarket Withdraws “Offensive” Conor Lenihan Xmas Card

A supermarket chain has withdrawn a Christmas card and apologised to traumatised people with red hair following complaints from a mother. The card (pictured below) depicts a Conor Lenihan sitting on a Santa’s knee and bears the legend “Santa Loves All Children… Even Conor”.


The Card was withdrawn following complaints from a mother whose children were upset upon seeing the card.

“One of my children has red hair, the middle fellah is called Conor and the young fellah has a huge white beard,” explained Mrs. O’Toole of Castlepollard yesterday. “One of them was more traumatised than the next when they saw this card poking fun at ginger people, Conors and bearded folk”.

A spokesperson for the supermarket chain said that no offence had been intended and the card had been withdrawn from all outlets immediately the complaint had been received. There are unconfirmed reports that a plan to roll out a humourous series of “Rudolph Gives Xmas The Horn” cards during the week leading up to Christmas has been shelved in favour of giving more shelf space to beans .

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