STOP PRESS – Lowry And Healy-Rae To Vote For Finance Bill

Michael Lowry and Jackie Healy-Rae have decided to support the passage of the Finance Bill

The independent TDs’ demands for support are each to include;
* A Philips Wake Up light
* A mindwire
* The Cayman Islands
* An Apple iPhone
* A Nintendo Wii and a Wii Fit and 30 other games
* Ownership of Kilorglin
* A 20 inch Sony LCD TV
* A 32 inch Toshiba LCD TV
* A 50 inch Samsung plasma TV
* A cuddly toy
* A MacBook laptop
* The blood of twelve score virgins (weekly)
* And a hi end Vadim gaming PC
* A pair of Scarpa SML3 walking boots
* A Road Cam video data recorder
* A lounge suite
* A full day with 3 friends playing the Rainbow 6 Vegas 2 game
* The head of Alfredo Garcia
* A Phillips SRU 8015 all-in-one remote control
* A Magellan Roadmate 1200 in car sat
* The third secret of Fatima
* An all-in-one printer/scanner/photocopier
* And a portable Picturemate photo printer
* A Microsoft Xbox 360 and a Sony PSP and a Nintendo DS Lite – all with a brace of games
* Five Gold Rings
* A Hi Def Blu Ray player
* A Hi Def Sony SR7 camcorder
* A Fuji Finepix F40 compact digital camera
* And a Canon EOS 450D digital SLR camera
* An iPod Classic
* And an Archos 605 Wifi
* A Marin Northside Mountain Bike
* A pair of Bose noise reduction headphones
* Beyonce’s phone number
* An ‘Alert Me’ home security system
* A Kyam Igloo tent
* A LA-z-Boy gadget Chair
* Someone to restrain Jay-Z
* A pair of Asics Gel Kinsei 2 trainers
* A year’s free subscription to Sky’s full HD service, plus dish and decoder
* And a year’s free broadband at the best speed we can reasonably get where you live (negotiable)
* And an appropriate WiFi router
* A Leatherman Charge multitool
* A G Shock Gulfman watch
* And a Roberts Gemini DAB radio.
* A eStarling WiFi picture frame
* A Corsair 8Gb rugged USB memory stick
* A gold plated Lexus
* A Trilobyte robotic vacuum cleaner
* And a Scooba robotic mop
* A 5.1 surround sound speaker system
* A Mini Cooper Monte Carlo XB Pro radio control car
* And a storm launcher remote control car boat plane thing
* A Swan Toaster
* A Tefal Actifry
* An Eco Kettle
* And a Sony Erricson K660i mobile phone with €50 worth of free call a month for a whole year on the 3 network
*A partridge in a pear tree

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2 Responses to “STOP PRESS – Lowry And Healy-Rae To Vote For Finance Bill”

  1. AndrewSB49 Says:

    Just the one pair of Scarpa SML3 walking boots – is that one pair each or a pair between them?

  2. Morgan C.Jones Says:

    Yes it is. They didn’t want to appear greedy

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