NEW RELEASE! Starey Brian And The Delusion Factory (PG)

Its a story that will beggar the whole family! Coalition Pictures Presents Starey Brian and the Delusion Factory – the heartwarming story of two little boys (innocent Enda Buckenny and wary Eamon Gloop) who gain entry to the mysterious Department of Finance (facts go in – truth never gets out) with special golden tickets issued by Starey Brian, famous worldwide for incredible delusions, and the Greeny Weenies famous for being attached to power at all costs (to the taxpayer)!

Starey Brian and the Greeny Weenies spend all day making up the most unbelievable nonsense and covering it with sugar in an effort to make it palatable – but can their world survive visitors from “outside”?

Featuring the the hit songs The Cowenman Can’t and World Of Pure Imagination, and (I’m In The) Golden Circle your children will literally shovel every cent they will ever earn into this frankly incredible tale. Sure to be a Christmas TV hit…for anyone who hasn’t had to pawn their telly for food in november

Starey Brian and the Delusion Factory at government buildings NOW!

One of the highly sought Golden Tickets allowing the bearer gain access to Starey Brian’s magical Delusion Factory

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