Small Group Witnesses Solstice Sunlight In Fianna Fail Party HQ

A small number of lucky people who won a lottery for the privilege this morning witnessed the rare sight of a small beam of sunlight entering the inner chamber of Fianna Fail Party HQ.


The chamber contains relics of Ireland’s past such as Eamon de Valera’s hat, Charlie Haughey’s twenty thousand French shirts, Bertie Ahern’s anorak, Hope, Charity, coherency and your money. It is immersed in Stygian gloom for most of the year. On the morning of the winter solstice, however, the sun rises and shines through a broken roof tile, a single beam hitting the west wall of the chamber and illuminating the spine of an unopened 1926 edition of “How To Run A Country For The Common Good”.

It is believed the chamber was designed as a room where the sharpest political think tanks in the party could meet, discuss, research and carefully plan for the future.

The room has never been used.

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