Sinn Fein MLA Apologises For Painting People Green

Sinn Fein Assembly member Barry McSpraypaint has apologised for apparently endorsing gangs of youths in Tyrone who have been defacing other people by painting them green.

“It is well-known that I am opposed to symbols of British rule in Ireland, such as pink complexions,” explained McSpraypaint, “But I in no way meant for the young lads to go out and paint te faces of ordinary cotizens green in response to this. I realise now that this constitutes vandalism under the rules of the Assmebly and wish to apologise unrservedly whilst at the same time saying ‘In Yer Face Ye Pile Of Pasty Brits’.”

A similar apology had to be made by a DUP member Sammy McElsunbed last year when it transpired that many of his constitutents, including Catholic nationalists, were being turned orange by a tanning salon in his ownership.

“McElduff Apologises…” 17/2/09

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