Sinn Fein Leader Faces Dáil Grilling Over “Reappeared”

Sinn Fein leader Gerry Adams pictured earlier at Government Buildings

Sinn Fein leader Gerry Adams faces calls to address the issue of “the reappeared” in Dail Eireann later today.

The popular city watering hole is to witness a debate on Mr Adams’ alleged involvement in hiding the provenance of a Mr Chris Andrews, lately joined of Sinn Fein. It has been alleged that Mr Andrews has links with the organised crime family known as MaFFianna Fail. Senior gardai are on record as having stated that “…we know who these people are but for operational reasons we can’t touch them”. The operational reasons are believed to be a desire to avoid embarrassment at get togethers over the coming festive season among others.

“They Haven’t Gone Away You Know”
Political insiders have long known that several middle and senior ranking MaFFianna Fail members have spent a lot of time and other people’s money removing all traces of their links to the party over the past number of years. In fact even serving members of the party, AKA The Soldiers of Density, have buried their past so deep that they mey never be found to have had anything to do with the disapearance of Ireland’s soveriegnty.

MaFFianna Fail leader Michael Martin has meanwhile renewed his position of innocence. Taking an uncharacteristic break from going through pockets in the Dail cloakroom Mr Martin told reporters that he was “never in the Galway Tent”.

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