Senior Garda Names Anglo “Golden Circle”

Disgraced former Anglo Irish Bankheist chairman Seanie Fitzborrowings, pictured in happier times.

A senior member of the Gardai last night broke with protocol to publicly “name and shame” the 10 investors in the Anglo Irish Bankheist “Golden Circle”

Detective Superintendent Festy O’Cretin revealed exclusively to 2irish News the list of high rollers, based on his extensive investigations. They are: Mr Drivers Licence; Mr Bank Draft; Ms Hefty Unsecured-Loan; Mr F. Fail; Mr Property Speculator; Miss Tery Investor; Mr Cheque Book; Mr Robert Thubuilder; Mr Prawa Jadzy; and Mr Probablythatcrookbertie O’roneofhiscronies.

DS O’Cretin is having a big long lie-down after his strenous investigation which involved a lot of “…looking out the window” and “…thinking things up”.

Formed by Michael Collins in 1922 at the time of the foundation of the Irish Free State, the Gardai were established as an organisation to foster a sense of purpose among the disaffected younger sons of farmers deemed too stupid or too sexually “normal” for the priesthood.

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