“Scumbag Millionaire” Sweeps Boards At Oscars

Irish eyes were smiling last night as the enormous budget independant corporate raider feelshite movie of the year Scumbag Millionaire hoovered up everything on offer at the 81st Oscar Award Ceremony above in America.

Scumbag” as it is known to movie glitterati types recieved eight awards including Biggest Total Bastard, Best Double Books and Best Supporting Arsehole in a Culpable Role for former Financial Regulator Patrick Nearlyinjail.

Star of this classic “boom to bust” story Seanie Fitzborrowings nearly choked on someone else’s dinner when the gongs kept on rolling in. “To be honest with you I only showed up to pretend to be a parking valet on the off chance of borrowing a few cars” the perma-tanned rapscallion quipped to 2irish. When it was later pointed out to loveable crim Seanie that honesty could not really be considered his strong suit, he told our reporter to “look over there!” before gathering up as much silverware as he could and running out the door yelling “Its only a loan! I’ll get it back to you next tuesday!” in a reprise of one of the Oscar winning movie’s best loved numbers You Gotta Pick An Economy or Two.

Pictured at the Oscars, Mr Seanie Fitzborrowings taking Bishop Desmond Danceskirt’s wallet

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