School Under Pressure At Prospect of Hanafin Return

The Hanafin Mark 2 Ministerfab being transported to a press conference

There are unconfirmed reports today that Dominican College Sion Hill in Blackrock County Dublin is at serious risk of having to take back their Hanafin Mark 2 Ministerfab if she fails to gain reelection to her Dail seat.

Sources at the school fear that the Ministerfab will be returned to them by the voters of Dun Laoighaire/Rathdown in the forthcoming general election.

A distraught pupil

Some of these Ministerfabs have been in use for over a decade costing the State, and in particular the educational system millions of euros in wasted resources.

The Hanafin Mark 2 Ministerfab for instance earns a ministerial salary of €191,417 and benefits from a pension fund estimated to be worth €415,800 in today’s private market, based on calculations provided by an independent actuary and a fella called Dave in a Hi-Vis jacket and hard hat.

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