Sargent Reaps What He Has Sown

Trevor Sargent the Minister of State for Food and Horticulture who has been implicated in the latest scandal to beset ‘The Coalition’ an organised crime gang operating from a well known Dublin city premises called Leinster House, posing with the message he was sent earlier today by his colleagues in MaFFianna Fail

Mr Sargent is expected to give a statement to the press later today on his intervention with the Gardai on behalf of a constituent to quash a criminal investigation. The constituent later went on to be charged with threatening and abusive behaviour and fined €500

As a result of media interest and owing to the nature if the minister involved, there will be a huge turnip at the press conference.

Mr Sargent will be remembered as a politician of standards, who pledged to voters ahead of the 2007 general election that he would not lead the Green Party into coalition with Fianna Fail. Having secured votes on the back of this, he resigned the post of ‘leader’ allowing John Gormley to lead the Green Party into coalition with Fianna Fail. Sneaky, huh?

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