RTE Calls End To Questions & Answers

Our picture (to the right) shows RTE favourite Derek Mooney pictured in real life

The state broadcaster RTE (Ryan Took Everything) has announced that it will cease to produce the long running popular political “town hall” panel show Questions & Answers after June of this year.

An RTE spokesbeing explained the move to reporters yesterday, stating: “RTE feel that Questions & Answers is no longer relevant to the viewing public at this time when there are so many more questions being asked and answers being sought”

Pausing briefly to commune with other nodes in the hive-mind, the spokesbeing continued: “Something nice and light with that nice woman Derek Mooney in it will get to the bottom of all this political stuff”

“People want answers” it said. “Questions…and….Oh my Lord Gay Byrne WHAT HAVE WE DONE?”

It is thought to have been the only moment of self-realisation which has taken place in RTE in over 30 years.

Q&A presenter John Bowtie is to produce a history commemorating the high points of RTE’s fifty years of TV broadcasting. That’ll be a Gaybo-packed nine minutes then…

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3 Responses to “RTE Calls End To Questions & Answers”

  1. jd Says:

    Sure why would you want to be asking questions at a time like this? Its time to shut up and do what you’re told!

  2. Póló Says:

    Perhaps a new slot called “A&E” would be more appropriate. Answers and Explanations.

    Please let us have some biting satire, if you want to influence events, or even if you want to increase your listnership for more than the first week.

  3. Póló Says:

    Why are comments closed on the previous “sleepwalking” item. There are none.

    Has someone threatened to sue? Overaroused, what?

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