Renowned Liar Accuses Populace of “Exaggeration”

Minister for Miscommunication Pat Rabbittual-Liar

Minister for Miscommunication Pat Rabbittual-Liar

The Minister for Communicating Mistruths Pat Rabbitte has said there’s been too much “hyperbole” and “exaggeration” in the reaction to the government’s proposed Freedom of Information removal reform.

Yesterday the Miniature for Removal of FOI Public Expenditure and Reform Brendan Howlin withdrew a proposed Government amendment to the Bill. He attributed his move to wanting to allay “confusion and misinterpretation” of its intention.

Defending his cabinet colleague this morning on RTE’s Mouthpiece Ireland, Minister Rabbitte-out-any-oul-guff-sure-isn’t-that-what-you-do-at-election-time said “This country has gone wild with exaggeration”. He went on to explain that the proposed changes were due to the cost of the immense extra workload on civil servants (who it must be recalled are already paid as public servants). “It costs an enormous amount of money to pursue that kind of thing.”

In addition to the usual over-generous Cabinet TD salary and lavish expenses Mr Rabbittual-Liar will receive a pension in the region of €150,000. Annually. For the rest of his life.

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