Relief as WHO Confirms Hunger and Death From Landmines “Can’t Travel On A Plane”

There was massive relief in Western Society today as the World Health Organisation revealed that a study has shown no ill-effects for tourists who encounter malnutrition or hunger.

There had been some concern as a billion people are undernourished globally, some of them in countries with beautiful scenery and airports. Tension swept the UK when two people in Scotland reported to their GP feeling “peckish” and “somewhat fatigued on return from holiday in Africa where they had encountered some starving people. However the National Facility For Keeping It Over There at Glasgow Central Hospital confirmed that these incidents were no the sign of a pandemic, but were in fact due somewhat undersized flight food and a broken excalator at Glasgow International Airport.

Meanwhile a man who reportedly exploded in Canada as a result of visiting the Balkans and travelling near an area riddled with old landmines has been confirmed as a false alarm. The gentleman in question had merely accidentally shouted in Toronto, where they are unused to sudden loud noises.

The WHO has confirmed that it advises governments in Western Societies to focus on odd viral outbreaks for now

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