Recession To End Next June As Sinn Fein Unveils Programme For Recovery

Sinn Féin unveiled its pre-budget submission earlier today. The document contains proposals the party claims would raise and save €7.623 billion.

The party says the budget should introduce a “wealth tax” to raise €1.6 billion, increase betting duty to 10 per cent, and introduce a €3700 levy on all flying pigs.

In its pre-budget submission, entitled The Road to Recovery , the party said the €7.623 billion would be achieved mainly through tax increases “for those who can afford to pay, and through charging airborne pork massively for violating Irish airspace”.

Sinn Féin finance spokesman Arthur Morgan said the €3700 “aeropork tax” should be levied on all pigs spending more than 18 consecutive seconds suspended more than 2 metres above ground level, excluding particularly ‘springy’ farmland, regardless of residency.

Pigs May Yet Fly
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One Response to “Recession To End Next June As Sinn Fein Unveils Programme For Recovery”

  1. Tibbins Says:

    funny stuff.

    There proposals actually make sense though. Got good reviews by several economists.

    A pig tax would have Cowen in trouble. Drinky Winky would be worried

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