Real Leadership, Going Forward

Taoiseach Brian Cowlike pictured in New York yesterday ahead of his Patrick’s Day meeting with President Barack Obama in the White House.

There were smiles all round today in Washington DC when Irish “Premier” Brian Cowlike shook hands with President Barack Obama with the quip “At last Mr President, the two most influential Offaly men in the world meet”

“Christy Todd, Offaly GAA Central Council Representative is here in DC?” a startled Barack Obama replied, causing the room to go quiet briefly.

A Whitehouse spokesculchie explained to visiting journalists how enthusiastic a supporter of Offaly hurling Mr Obama is; “Arrah jayz dun’t he have got all of the posters give away with the Farmers Journal that last time we was in the All Ireland? Dez up all over de wall of the Presdienual Bedroom – jayz it drive herself mad so I’m told” the spokesculchie said, in a strong Boston accent.

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