Queen ‘Disfigured’ In Freak Mary Byrne Related Mishap

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II pictured with Mary Byrne shortly after being accidentally seated directly in front of the Xfactor finalist as she shouted along vaguely in tune beside an orchestra

There were several red faces, and one very important stretched one, at the National Convention Centre last night when Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II was accidentally seated directly in front of Xfactor finalist Mary Byrne when she performed.

Byrne, who’s act largely consists of standing near an orchestra and shouting along vaguely in tune, apologized to the Monarch after the show.

“She’s a great lady” Byrne later told reporters covering the symbolic historicalness of the event. “I said ‘sorry your Royal Highness for stretching your head like that but yis should have been warned like’, and she thanked me for rendering her incapable of hearing Westlife perform”.

Taoiseach Edna Kenny rushed to play down the incident saying “Not one event on this week’s symbolically historic and significantly significant state visit by Her Majesty can detract in any way from the significantly significant symbolic historicality of the visit” adding “Anyway, we’re all friends now. Don’t mention the war. I may have mentioned it once or twice but I think I got away with it”.

The Duke of Edinburgh Philip Bigotopolus also played down the event, telling reporters “It’s happened before, though not this bad. Stood too close to a Harrier Jump Jet we’d offloaded on the wallahs in Papua New Guinea a few years back. The old gel will be tickety-boo after the footman irons her”.

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