Popular West Cork Bond Villain Leads Gardai To Silo

The popular West Cork disgraced former TD and Senate makeweight Ivor Callely is once again in deep water after inadvertantly leading a passing garda to his top secret nerve centre.

Callely, known to his Spectre chums as “Dr No-Chance-Of-A-Seat” is believed to have answered the door of his Clontarf pied a terre to a garda making random inquiries in the area regarding a spate of bicycle thefts. The guard later explained “Mr Callely invited me into his premises and proceeded to outline his plan for world domination before locking me in what I took to be his office whereupon he cackled outside the door for a good eight to ten minutes”.

Having been left with his two way radio and mobile telephone the guard was able to summon assistance. While awaiting rescue the brave member secured a number of items of evidence key to Mr Callely’s prosecution, among them several lists headed “How I Did It” and “My Plan For World Dominationt [sic]”

Disgraced former MaFFiana Fail TD and Senator Ivor Callely's plan for world domination which was inadvertantly unearthed in Clontarf earlier today

Callely was later discovered in the garage sitting in an empty dishwasher crate with the words TOP SECRET ESCAPE POD written on the side in red crayon

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