Pope Outraged By New Vatican Costumier

pope gaultier
Designer Jean-Paul Gaultier makes final adjustments to his special creation for His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI “It is reminiscent of the old wimple but shows a more fun, progressive and whimsical side to the papacy” he says of the rationale behind his design.

Ubersturrmbahnpope Benedict XVI has expressed his “outrage” on discovering that the latest batch of Papal robes has been designed by controversial designer Jean-Paul Gaultier; His Holiness has however stated that he will continue wearing them under protest as the cost involved in replacing robes on a personal whim is felt by the pontiff to be too great in the current recessionary times.

“Besidesenn, I am enjoying the way my gerstorttentoffer looks in them und mein schwanz herien also bitte” he told Vatican Radio this morning. It is not known whether he will retain the matching veal chamois chaps and briefs combination introduced by Gaultier with his robe design, or revert to wearing the older formal mohair and pearl papal briefs originally designed by Coco Chanel in the 1960s for Pope Paul VI

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