Green Party In Total Pack Of Gobshites Shock!

Demanding to be taken seriously – Greens continue opposition to Poolbeg plant and now propose raft of further drains on citizens including tolling national roads and charging a levy for manual transactions of road tax

US waste processing giant Covanta, currently losing money on the stalled Poolbeg incinerator project, have threatened to sue Ireland for losses incurred by them due to the failure of Environment Minister Gormless Tentacles in signing off on the final required foreshore licence to allow an out-flow pipe into the sea.

The licence is required to finish work on the waste incinerator, however the Department has not processed the application, which was lodged in December 2008.

Covanta who are building the €350m facility said they are seeking a meeting with acting Taoiseach Mr Kowen about the issue. Pressed by reporters on his thoughts, Mr Kowen said that the finalising of the licence was a matter for the Environment Minister, although he did add “I like money!”

Spokesman for Covanta Europe Whitney Burnemall said his company is the biggest incinerator operator in the world but has never encountered a set of circumstances similar to Ireland. This is possibly because they erroneously believed that they had seen pretty much everything that a corrupt third world country could throw at them by the time they got to doing business in the Republic.

Environment Minister Tentacles has publicly opposed the incinerator and recently published draft policy proposals, which would make the incinerator economically unviable. He also proposes a complete ban on jellyfishing and compulsory environmental studies on bacteria living on Krabby Patties. Even more ludicrously he has floated the notion that national roads should be tolled in addition to paying car tax.

Mr Tentacles’ opposition to the scheme is baffling since he has happily gone along with all other proposals to ram unpleasant and corrupt government policies up the electorate’s collective rectum – but there again the incinerator would be located in Minister Tentacles’ constituency, making him one of history’s most passive aggressive and costly ‘nimbys’.

Covanta’s Mr Burnemall meanwhile said he could not speculate on the Minister’s motives but did point out that legal sanction against Ireland could have serious consequences as the country no longer has enough money left to hire a solicitor, as even the shitty ones are earning too much in government.

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2 Responses to “Green Party In Total Pack Of Gobshites Shock!”

  1. Galway Tent Says:

    What can Ireland do for Covanta?

    Imagine that. A bunch of New Jersey lawbreakers revived from dumpsters at Bada Bing making it to Newark to fly to Dublin to sue people even more dodgy than themselves! On Irish passports.

    – JFK.

  2. Galway Tent Says:

    Here’s a video about Covanta trying to ambush an Earth Day event in California.

    Get the original video with text here:


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