Oxymoron For Health Promises Review Of Children’s Hospital Planning Fiasco

The Oxymoron for Health Dr James Reilly has promised a comprehensive review, two steering committees, a think tank, several in depth bull sessions and at least one cream tea in an attempt to pull the ill fated National Children’s Hospital project at the Mater site in Dublin back on stream.

Oxymoron for Health Dr James Reilly TD MD SOB HSE

“Youse are all lookin at me” Dr Reilly told journalists at a press conference yesterday. He then laughed sheepishly and told two watered down knob gags. The minister went on to explain that while delays to the project were regrettable, the rapid aging of many of the children’s hospital’s patients would mean that they wouldn’t have to worry about receiving sub standard treatment in a pediatric facility for long. “Sure before you know it they’ll be old enough to receive sub standard treatment at any one of the three general hospitals nationwide that this government is committed to keeping open”.

“Nippers grow up so fast nowadays” he said, concluding “Those as what survives does in anyways”.

The unbuilt Ahern Harney Memorial National Children’s Hospital Project is 10 years old, some three or four years older than any of it’s potential victims clients.

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