On This Day In 1711

From the pages of the London Gazzette May 26th 1711….

AN HUGE Gathering didde tayke place thif morninge at the requefte of Mifter McColgan an impressario of aboriginale dance spectaculars lately of the parishe of Dalkye in County Dublinne for the edifcation and relief of the mannye merchants and Lords sorely dispossed of their lands and monnies through the defpicable disadvantages visited upon themme by the South Sea Bubble whiche upon bursting didde render mannye a pauper.

“Feare notte gentle brethren” spake Mifter McColgan “For I havve thif daye a grand announcement to make. Our fortunes are to be saved and good will reftored to alle with my neweft difcovery YE NEWSPAPER!”

Upon hearinge of thif the affembled gentlemenne didde intake their breaths! Mifter McColgan has propofed thatte the exchequer maye be returned to unimaginable wealthe by the publifickation of Ye Gateway Gazzette™ whiche one greate personage, Mifter O’Brien come this way of Malta by way of Irelande didde compare to the difcoverie of phlogisticated air and surely an ende to alle ills!

Is itte notte perfeckt? Aye, so say we alle. One may onlye marvel thatte the chatteringe classes in Fleete Streete didde not thinke to mayke suche an brilliante leap of Aristotelian logicke

Almighty God preserve Mifter Johnne McColgan, who hath through hif prudence and induftry saved us alle!

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