OMFG!!!!!! Gormley Email To Other Leader Dudes Totally Revealed

The Emergency Breaking News has seen the email proposing a three stage approach to reaching concensus on the details of the evisceration of the nation as requested by the EU. The email was sent from the Ministers Gmail account at around 7pm yesterday and reads as follows:

To: Undisclosed Party Leader Dudes
Subject: National Governmentz FTW!!!!!!!


Soz 4 de delayz gettin dis shit together!! My Internetz woz b0rked and I did not haz emailz!!!!!?! St00pid Ryaner LOLZ!!! 😀

Anyhoo, jus wanna run dis concensus shit past yiz..

Da story:

1) We all know we can’t haz cheezburger & we all know we can’t haz den for 4 yeerz!!! WTF?!?!???? LMFAO!!!!!!!!! We need 2 cut da deficitz by 3 or some number shit by 2014 or some year. Allamsayin.

2) Dudes @ Finance gonn get fiscally revelatory in yo ass ASAP. Not sayin it’s bad but bring yo *BIG* shovel homeboyz [and grrllz, JB 😉 LOLZ \0/ xxx]

3) Total. All. Party. Flashmob. OMFG there’s no preconditions!!!!! Chillax and smell the frickin #tweetup!!!!???!?!? ROTFLMFAO

Badda and Bing. Dats it. Sign where it sez ‘U can’t haz cheezbrgrz cos of me too and it’s not #justthefuckinggreensfault



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