O’Cuiv “Possibly High”

Eamon O’Cuiv – off his biscuit?

There have been calls this evening for Eamon O’Cuiv to be tested for drugs following bizarre claims he made on Newstalk 106 that he is “on the left wing of the Fianna Fail Party” – this despite the fact that Fianna Fail is not really a party any more, nor has it a left wing to speak of.

Mr O’Cuiv, a comedy stage Irishman employed by Fianna Fail to make Mattie McGrath appear urbane, made his statement during the radio appearance where he was announcing for the first time out loud in english that he was putting himself forward as a leadership candidate for the Fianna Falling-down-a-hole-to-hell party.

Experts however believe that Mr O’Cuiv is not using illegal mind altering substances, pointing to clear examples at all levels of his disintegrating party of people with no actual mind to alter.

Conor Lenihan is 46.

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