NTA Announces Athlone Initiative To Combat Dublin Bus Congestion

The National Transport Authority (NTA) has announced plans for new orbital bus corridors. Presently huge delays are caused by passengers being forced to take buses which travel in a straight line between locations on opposite sides of the city. Under the new scheme, however, the busy Dublin city centre will be bypassed by routing buses through Athlone, Carrick-on-Shannon and Tampa Bay.

Other changes expected to happen about ten years after the NTA plans to introduce them include a cashless fare system where passengers will have either fares deducted at source from their earnings or be able to take advantage of a CAB-type set up where their assets or organs are conveniently seized in lieu.

New Look Dublin Bus Fleet

New Look Dublin Bus Fleet

Existing bus lanes will be widened to accommodate new wider, low emission vehicles. These will essentially be constructed along the lines of Phoenician galley ships, with propulsion depending on passengers pushing the vehicle along with large “oars” or “sticks”.

The new fleet will have a swanky new livery. There will be a public competition for the design which will be won by the nephew of the Minister for Transport.

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