“Not Easy To Run A Wig On €65k” Says Senator Donie Cassidy

Seanad Leader Donie “The Dancing Leprechaun” Cassidy has told reporters ity is not easy to cover living costs, expenses and a bald head on a senator’s basic salary of €65k.

Senator Donie Cassidy With A Squirrel On His Head

Senator Donie Cassidy: Hard To Run Wig On €65K

“Many Senators have a family to support, often their own,” explained the Seanad Leader, whose head is a national park containing a protected species. “We have taken a pay cut and paid our levies. We earn less than judges even though we protect the constitution by selflessly traveling hundreds of miles from our holiday homes to snooze selflessly in the Seanad. I mean, judges, what do they do really that’s so great?”

Senator Cassidy receives a basic salary of around €65,000 as well as an additional payment to cover the extra expenses involved in his role as leader of the Seanad. These expenses include global travel on St Patrick’s Day and a head-mounted leash. Senator Cassidy has denied the extra payment is exorbitant. “It’s only 9 grand more than a fellow on the dole gets. Sure what’s 9 grand in the scheme of things? And ye’re askin’ a lot of questions, me bucko. Is it me pot of gold ye do be after?”.

Senator Cassidy then ended the press conference by dancing a little evil jig and disappearing in what witnesses variously described as “the twinkling of an eye” and “A 10 reg. Mercedes Benz”.

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