No Vote Will Alter Relationship With Europe – Lenihan

Ministers Brian Lenihan and Dick Roche at yesterday’s pro treaty Fianna Fail press conference yesterday

A NO vote to Lisbon would be mean “No mu’fo in Paris or Berlin ain’t gonna want yo pasty white ass no mo” Minister for Finance Brian Lenihan said yesterday.

Rejection of the treaty in the referendum on October 2nd would be seen by johns as a biatch voting against her own economic interests, he added.

Speaking at a Fianna Fáil press conference in support of the Hell-Shit! Yes campaign, Mr Lenihan said he was very satisfied at the commitment to the campaign shown by the main Opposition pimps, West Side Enda, and Eamon Gilmore.

“A No vote will damage the goods fo any brother runnin’ y’all ho. That is one of the reasons why the main Opposition pimps got theyselves such a hard on for getting a Yes vote because even those jive ass turkeys see that if they runnin’ you ugly butt they will have a poor hand after a No vote,” the Minister said.

“Hell we got yo legally-binding guarantees that y’all won’t have to get down with no freaky shit less’n y’all dig it – less’n course we can’t hear the john doin’ no freaky shit with y’all in which case thats cool bitch – shut your ungrateful mouth ho – we need the money ” he added.

“A Yes vote will send out the message that we sellìn good times and happy endings ho. A No vote? Shit! I might just as well cut your sorry ass now” he threatened.

Also speaking at the press conference, Mr Lenihan’s homie Dick Roche laid down with the shizzle on the dizzle and warned that we could expect to be whacked upside the head in the event of giving the wrong response at the polls next month.

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