New Green Plan – Lets ALL Join Fianna Fail

Eamon Ryan, Grown-Up

Green Minister for Talking Out Loud In A Muppetty Way Eamon Ryan last night used an appearance on RTE’s The Week In Politics to outline his many beliefs and placatory hand gestures which he and his party hope will put an end to the country’s financial hardships.

Audible at times only to dogs and Martin Mansergh, Mr Ryan repeatedly told viewers how the only way out is donning the GreeFF jersey and believing every shifting statement made by our increasingly bug eyed trainee finance minister.

“It’s really not that bad” Mr Whine ryaned – “They make a little incision and remove your appendix, ethics and principles”. He hopes to see talks about the establishment of a framework for talks without prejudice set up in a timeframe allowing him and his party colleagues begin to cash in on the Dáil Eireann pensions gravy train.

Gardai meanwhile are still searching for the whereabouts of acting Taoiseach Brian Cowen who hasn’t made a definitive public statement since he was caught drinking at work one morning a couple of weeks ago.

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