New Fine Gael TD Angling For Transport Junior Ministry

Mary Mitchell O’Connor demonstrating parallel parking

Mary Mitchell O’Connor newly elected Fine Gael TD for Dun Laoghaire Rathdown has been tipped by party insiders as a shoe-in for a junior ministry, possibly in Transport, but definitely not Defense

“Jaysus, imagine what she’d do if ye gave her a tank” quipped the large Garda who doubles as a blast gate at the Kildare Street gate of Leinster House.

Mitchell O’Connor is bound to have won the admiration of countless women for her dogged stance against meaningless stereotyping. Henceforth in the New Ireland, there will no longer be any senseless lady driver jokes. Only Mary Mitchell O’Connor driving jokes.

This rebranding of an entire genre follows yesterday’s landmark ruling against so-called “positive discrimination” by insurance companies toward female motorists.

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