NASA Discovers Taoiseach’s Culpabilty On Moon


It is now beyond doubt: scientists have confirmed that acting Taoiseach Brian Cowen, several members of his cabinet and some senior Fianna Fail supporters feel some sense of responsibility for the dire economic straits faced by the people of Ireland – this “sense” has been found on the moon, albeit in tiny amounts.

News of the discovery of Fianna Fail’s “Sense of Shame” came yesterday from NASA after a preliminary analysis of data from its LCross satellite mission. The discovery opens a “new chapter in our understanding of denial”, the space agency said.

LCross was launched last June 18th, its kamikaze mission to crash headlong into a crater at the moon’s south pole. It was launched barely a year after Brian Cowen was handed the reins of the current coalition with orders to lead it on its kamikaze mission to crash headlong into the economy.

Crashing the LCross into the crater was the means by which NASA scientists hoped to discover water on the surface of our nearest celestial neighbour – the accidential discovery of Fianna Fail’s “Sense of Shame” was an unexpected. though admitedly useless, bonus.

It is believed that the accumulated shame of senior Fianna Failers was collected in a single half full bin liner and blasted into orbit berfore being set on a collision trajectory with the moon’s south pole, where it was supposed to disappear forever. The contract for orbital disposal was awarded to a Co Louth aerospace development company with links to Fianna Fail members of Dundalk Urban District Council.

The US Department of State has meanwhile issued a demand that Ireland take steps to clarify the growing confusion in the public’s eyes between NASA and NAMA. They point out that one is an enormous pointless waste of taxpayers’ money which pours billions into the pipe dreams of the vainglorious few, while the other launches scientific missions into near Earth space and beyond.

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