Swearymary And Ryanair Chief In Multiple Record Attempt

Michael O’Leary, the world’s least likeable man and Tainiste Mary Coughlan, possessor of the world’s smallest ‘functioning’ brain are coming together today in a Guinness World Record attempt to gather the most world record holders in one place for the shortest recorded time. The pair are also hoping to take the blue ribbon for Loudest Argument; Most Profane Language; and Least Appealling Male/Female Combination.

The multiple attempt follows hot on the heels of two other recent high profile records going to Dublin city with last week’s successful bid to have the World’s Largest Bong on Capel St; and the lowering of speed limits which facilitated turning the quays into the World’s Longest Ever Continuous Funeral Cortège.

More records are in the pipeline for Ireland with happy citizens in the running for Worst Served By Government, Greatest Number Of Perjurers In Government, Most Inebriated Leaders and Least Functioning Democracy and Most Pathetic Opposition.

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