Miriam O’Callaghan Pips Browne, Kenny In Key Poll

Shockwaves, reverberations and a small rattling noise, the precise source of which nobody can identify, rocked the hugely respected institution of Political Journalism today as it emerged that Primetime presenter and chat show vixen, Miriam O’Callaghan has “better pins” than any of her rival political media ringmasters.

Ms O’Callaghan’s legs, which connect her hips to her ankles and are vital to the functioning of her feet, were adjudged the “sexiest” of a further 198 legs assessed for the purposes of the research by respected political organ “Social & Personal” magazine. The legs were judged in 100 matching sets of two or “pairs”. This in itself had caused controversy among unipedal scribes, hacks and pundits, but was upheld by the EU Commission For The Gradation, Sorting & Assessment of Body Parts in a Wider Social, Economic or Political Context.

TV3 Nightly News Presenter, Commentator and Huffer-Puffer, Vincent Browne, was said to be “Breathless” at the apparent snub to his own limbs. (Mr. Browne’s legs did not make the top 500, although it is rumoured his ears are to feature strongly in the forthcoming edition of “Eh?”, the paper of record in the area of sensory organs.)

Pat Kenny, top RTE broadcaster and Garden Baron, refused to comment on his omission from the list of nice legs. “There’s only one poll that counts,” said an RTE spokesperson “And that’s the General Election”. This in turn has led to speculation that Kenny’s lower limbs may stand in a future election, leaving his torso to host his forthcoming political show unsupported. “This will be no bother for Pat,” claimed the anonymous RTE source “Pat’s head is strong, his arms are versatile and his arse speaks for itself. In any case he is likely to invoke a “mid-shot behind desk only” clause in his contract to guard against just such an eventuality.

Schoolgirls at Miriam O’Callaghan’s alma mater, Loretto Foxrock are to celebrate by releasing a life size model of the presenter filled with helium later in the week off the bridge over the N11. Ms. O’Callaghan’s legs have refused to be interviewed on the subject although her mouth did say it was yet further proof that there is no glass ceiling underlying the position of women in journalism.

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