“Mini-Budget” Announced

Up to nine jobs in the dangerously insecure “quango” sector are expected to be announced by Swearymary Coughlan the Tainiste and Minister For ‘Excelsior!’ following the announcement of a mini-budget later this month.

Originally ruled out by alleged Taoiseach Brian Cowlike last year when it was still believed in government circles that the recession was a plot twist in Fair City, the mini-budget is now inevitable as Ireland’s international status has gone from ‘donor’ to ‘recipient’ on the influential GOBC (Geldof Organised Benefit Concert) scale.

The nine jobs to be created are believed to be in the area of branding. A government spokesgoon told 2irish News that: “…obviously we have to be careful how we pitch this fiscal molotov at an already conflagrated electorate – we’re anxious to launch it under the brand ‘Budget-Lite’ or ‘Funsize Budget’, and either way the logo will be hugely expensive; I mean important…..and expensive”

“Come in – we’ve just had a recession delievered” Fair City breaks the news to a shell-shocked nation

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