Mighty Jabba the Health Forbids Pan Galactic Healthcare Measures

Mighty Jabba the Health has warned groups who advocated raising taxes to fund a system of Pan Galacticl health insurance cover that the move could stymie job creation and lead to proponents being frozen forever in carbonite.

Her comments came at a conference on financing universal healthcare in Dublin where Fine Gael, Labour and Sinn Féin advocated putting in place universal healthcare for all when they need it.

Calling for an honest debate on the issue, Mighty Jabba said “Ennolli kwann thango oh ho ho ho ho social health insurance panntraggnor eneely kwarra thakk compulsory private health insurance orrringo enna thallry”

Mighty Jabba’a protocol droid HS-E-PO further clarified the Hutt’s comments explaining “No insurance company can stay solvent if it has to meet unlimited claims with a fixed premium income from its customers. No state insurance fund will stay solvent either – I’m afraid that Captain Solo is doomed”.

The Adelaide Hospital Society, which organised the conference, had said on Tuesday that social health insurance cover for all which would include free GP care, medicines and acute hospital care and treatment, could be introduced in Ireland for the same amount of money that is currently pumped into our health system.

Mighty Jabba has decreed that the members of the Adelaide Hospital Society will be fed to the ravenous Nama as punishment for their insolence.

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