McDaid Vows To Retain Pension Despite ‘Media Witch-hunt’

‘Rogue MaFFianna Fail TD Dr Jim McDaid defending his stance to reporters earlier today

Ever sensitive Dr Jim McDaid today continues to display his deft fingering of the public pulse by insisting that he will not give up his ministerial pension.

McDaid said he felt the tone of the current debate on pensions could result in a dilution of democracy as it was being driven by the media. Dilution of democracy should be a matter for the government alone apparently.

He said he accepted that the Taoiseach and ministers received a good salary but that TDs remuneration did not reflect the legislative power they had. He fears the country could be heading in a direction where only wealthy people could afford to get into politics as opposed to being a means whereby venal people may become wealthy in their own right by leeching off of the State for as much as they can get before climbing into their state subsidised car over the legal limit and veering off down the dual carriageway in the wrong direction at seventy mph swerving while trying to send a text message on a phone paid for by the taxpayer with a mouthful of pilfered canapés.

Speaking on RTÉs News at One , Dr McDaid said that TDs pensions accounted for only a miniscule amount of spending in the grand scheme of things. Or 22 or 23 grand scheme of things.

“My pension amounts to a mere €425 a fortnight” he said displaying his mindset that (a)€425 is a pittance in his world and (b) if you break numbers down correctly you can prove your point no matter how flawed your logic is.

For the record, €28 euro a day is not to be sniffed at, in the real world.

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