McDaid Accuses Opposition Of Throwing Dáil Votes

Opposition parties have strongly rejected claims by the Donegal North-East pensioner of principle, Dr James McDaid, after he yesterday told a radio interviewer that Fine Gael and Labour were deliberately losing Dáil votes for fear of a general election.

Dr Jim McDaid (pictured on his way to pick up his wedge), who was doomed to vote along party lines despite being expelled from the MaFFianna Fáil parliamentary party after taking one of his principled stands abstaining in a Dáil vote in November 2008

Dr McDaid claimed that the Opposition parties, “pull out six or seven deputies to make sure that the Government doesn’t lose a vote”.

“Despite what they say, they don’t want a general election, and that is the factual situation. Give me your pen and your recording device. I deserve them more than you, it’s a matter of principle ”

Dr McDaid’s claims were denied by Fine Gael whip Paul Kehoe and Labour whip Emmet Stagg.

Mr Kehoe pointed out that the notion of the opposition deliberately throwing votes is ludicrous “Have you seen Enda Kenny?” he asked “I mean, he loses at solitaire, not on a PC or Mac – on a Fisher Price kiddies laptop”.

Enda Kenny was unavailable for comment as he is believed to be lost in his bathroom. Eamon Gilmore meanwhile is thought to be working on his Nick Clegg impression.

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