Mattie McGrath And Mary White In Frontal Lobotomy Imbroglio

Mattie – doesn’t know what a frontal lobotomy is: well that was a success then…

Rebel Fianna Fail pondscum Mattie McGrath is reported to be more whiny than usual following comments made by Green coaltion colleague Mary White during the recent Stag Hunting debate.

Allegedly Ms White approached Mr McGrath outside the chamber during a break in proceedings and asked him if he knew what a frontal lobotomy was. He replied that he didn’t and was so confused that he went to ask a solicitor what it was instead of a doctor.

Our picture shows a mock up of Mattie McGrath following a lobotomy, although it has been pointed out to us by our medical consultants that the scars would be closer to his well upholstered arse if Mr McGrath were to undergo such a procedure in real life.

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One Response to “Mattie McGrath And Mary White In Frontal Lobotomy Imbroglio”

  1. Pat Donnelly Says:

    Poking fun?


    What makes you think, if you did, that we could tell the difference?

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