Lowry And Healy-Rae Poised To Save The Money…er Country

Tipperary Independent TD Michael Lowry has warned he may vote against the Finance Bill currently being rushed through the Dáil

Independent TDs Michael Lowry and Jackie Healy-Rae have indicated today that their support for the Finance Bill cannot be taken for granted. The two have formed a ‘technical pair’ although technically they are more of an algae than pair.

Mr Lowry issued a statement outlining certain difficulties that the two independent deputies have with the Finance Bill, chiefly the Universal Social Charge. “Deputy Healy-Rae and I are up in arms about this social charge, particularly it’s universality which we feel could have an impact on our income by dint of it’s very universality – we are demanding a spaceport in each of our constituencies and the lifting of the USC from us. Us two you understand. Not you” Mr Lowry said, adding “Wanna buy a Rolex?”

Jackie Healy-Rae and cap

“Blerrra gansey worra Kerreah upasfarra Kilarrrrglin nerra dooa splarrhh” Mr Healy-Rae said today at Leinster House. Experts think he was either agreeing with his fellow independent, or trying to sell rainbows to American tourists.

The move by the two formerly pro-coalition TDs leaves Labour with an even greater risk of a serious case of egg face if the Finance Bill falls; the party faces growing anger among voters who see the Labour position on passage of the bill as duplicity – and still Edna Kenny waits in the wings to carry on the great deeds of his party’s hated idealogical half-brother.

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